Faster than Estimated, North Korea Successfully Made Upstream Nuclear Explosion

North Korea (Korut) is reported to have succeeded in producing nuclear warheads in small form. This means North Korea can install nuclear weapons on missiles, which marks a crucial North Korea step into a world nuclear power on a full scale. It also shows the stages of North Korea’s ability to launch a nuclear attack faster than expected.

Similarly, according to the conclusions of the US Defense Intelligence Agency in the assessment completed last month, as reported by the US media, The Washington Post, Wednesday (9/8/2017).

The findings have further heightened fears of an increasing North Korean military threat, which seems to have made progress much faster than many experts had expected. Last month, US officials also concluded that Pyongyang now surpassed expectations in its efforts to produce intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) capable of reaching the American mainland.

During this time, many experts consider it took years before North Korea’s nuclear weapons scientists could design nuclear warheads in small form, which could be mounted on missiles. But the latest US intelligence assessment dated July 28, concludes that the important stage has been successfully achieved by North Korea.

“The intelligence community believes North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile shipments, which include shipments of ICBM-type missiles,” the US intelligence assessment said in The Washington Post.

Earlier this week’s assessment by Japan’s Ministry of Defense also concluded that there is evidence to suggest North Korea has succeeded in making nuclear warheads in small form.

Analysts concluded that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is now increasingly convinced of North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities. This explains Kim’s defiant attitude by launching a missile test, despite international protests, even by its closest ally China.

The UN Security Council on Saturday (5/8) has imposed new economic sanctions on North Korea in response to its ballistic missile test. The sanctions include a ban on exports that have so far accounted for a third of North Korea’s annual revenue of $ 3 billion.

The North Korean government also reacted strongly to the new UN sanctions. It said that the sanctions were an attempt “to strangle a country”. The North also threatened to take “merciless physical action with the deployment of all its national powers” in response to UN sanctions.